MINI PAK'R Error Code: E4

Seal Temperature too low

How to fix this error:

Press STOP/RESET. Wait for a RDY display. Operate the machine normally. If the problem persists, the machine will need to be returned to FPI for service.

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    Jim Moviel

    There are 3 error codes associated with the Mini Pak'r heater, E3, E4, E5 in all three cases the error code may be caused by the RFID tag in the film - always try a different roll of film first when troubleshooting, and AC power problems - the machine should be the only thing plugged into the wall, and should not be on an extension cord - if you are experiencing any of these errors move the machine next to the wall socket and plug in and see if that solves your issue - if it does not you will need to call 866-374-7877 and talk to an FP Factory Trained Technical Support Specialist who will help you arrange to return your machine to our repair center.

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