Why can't I thread the film onto the air tube and pull it through the machine when loading a new roll?

How to fix this error:

  • Make sure that the roll is not loaded backwards. The film should unwind off the top of the roll. Correct by turning the film roll so that film unwinds off top of roll toward operator.

  • Unwind at least 18″ of film off the roll before trying to thread it through the air tube.

  • Pull the film as far down the air tube as possible. Press and HOLD the START button. The drive motor will advance until the button is released. Continue to pull the film until it emerges from the front of the machine. Release the START button.

  • Turn off the machine and remove the power. Open the top cover (a screwdriver is required). Look into the machine for a film jam on the air tube around the seal bar or the slitter blade. If small amount of film is jammed on the air tube, use the eraser end of a long pencil to push the film up or down the air tube until it is completely out of the machine. Close the cover. Restore the power and turn the machine on. Load the film normally.

  • The slitter blade is dull or broken. Replace the blade per the instructions in the User Manual.

  • The heater bar is in the UP position. Turn the machine off and back on again to reset the heater assembly to the DOWN position.
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